Osborne Trail and Park Association


A Special Home-and-Yard Version of Our Annual  “Welcome the Fairies Back” Day is Here

Join the Wing Ding and have fun! The fairies will be all aflutter.

FREE Event!

WHO:  Everyone – the Young and Young-at-Heart
WHAT:  Build a Fairy House to Welcome the Fairies Back
WHEN:  Any time until the end of April
WHERE:  Your home or yard

Each spring we welcome the fairies back to the Mary Roberts Rinehart Nature Park at our May event, but this year is different. Like many events, ours has been cancelled. Instead, we’re throwing a Virtual Fairy House Building Wing Ding, and you’re invited!

Instead of making Fairy Houses in the park, we’re asking people to get creative at home.

Fairy houses should be made from materials collected around the home, either handmade or from natural materials. Let your imagination soar!

For more information, email us at info@samm182.sg-host.com. See below for ideas and inspiration! Or, check our Facebook page.

Did you ever wonder what fairies have to do with the Park?

Before the park was the park and really more like a woodsy dump, a mother and her two, young daughters would walk there every day. Our board member Natasha Green lived nearby and would see them. One day, she asked them why they would be there every day. And they replied, “If we don’t come, the fairies will fly away.”

The inspiration for the park, our sign and annual spring “Welcome Back the Fairies” day was born! It became our mission to make it a magical place to walk, gather, learn, and enjoy trees, flowers, birds and butterflies native to our region. We even have a stream!

Take a photo of your creation, send it to barbaracarrier@gmail.com by April 30, and we’ll feature it in our Wing Ding post on Facebook on May 9 – the day our live event would have been held!

click on these images to view ideas and inspiration