Osborne Trail and Park Association


We hope you enjoy the park and trails.

Follow these guidelines to keep the park beautiful for everyone.

  1. The park is intended primarily for the residents of the communities making up the Quaker Valley School District and their guests, but is also open to others who wish to appreciate the beauty of a naturalized environment.
  2. Persons should stay on the trails and in the amphitheater to avoid damaging the trees, shrubs and flowers that have been planted. Dogs must be kept on a leash.
  3. The stones, benches, picnic tables and amphitheater are not to be
  4. Groups of more than 10 persons wishing to use the park for an event are asked to email info@samm182.sg-host.com at least a week in advance of the event and to fill out and return the Application for Use. This does not apply to teachers using the park for class
  5. Groups may be asked to comply with additional requirements depending upon the intended use. While we do not charge groups for the use of the park, we hope that you’ll consider a donation. It would be much appreciated, since we are a non-profit organization and rely on charitable contributions to maintain the park.
  6. There is a stone fire pit at the end of the trail towards the Ohio River Boulevard side of the park. Under Allegheny County regulations, the fire pit may be used for cooking food, but not for other purposes.
  7. If you wish to make use of the fire pit, please notify us at info@samm182.sg-host.com. In your message, please indicate when you plan to use the fire pit. Persons using the fire pit are required to put out their fire before leaving the park.
  8. Please do not leave trash and please clean up the picnic areas if you use them. If you see trash left by someone else, please pick it up and dispose of it in the containers provided.
  9. Treat the park gently and all of us will be able to enjoy it for years to come.